My Story

My name is Sarah! I am 27 years old and live in sunny United Kingdom. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2012 after  around 20 long years of illness, sickness, weight loss, fatigue and anxiety. In 2012, fed up of suffering and not taking no for an answer I demanded some hospital investigations, after around 6 weeks I was given the diagnosis via gut biopsies that I had and likely always had had Coeliac Disease. I had mixed emotions of relief yet anger at the amount of time I had suffered with this.

Since diagnosis, life has been difficult and adhering to this new lifestyle has brought and still does bring many daily challenges, i love travelling and eating and so this had a huge affect on my confidence with both of my favourite things, after diagnosis I was told a strict gluten free diet was the only way forward, the food was dry and tasted horrible, the sudden restriction to cake and biscuits proved too hard to bare and I sobbed like a child.

Months passed and it got easier at home, I avoided eating out and was embarrassed to talk about it with friends, the thought of going on holiday really troubled me. 5 years on and things are easier and I’m excited to know I can be catered for here in the UK and also abroad. So with many holidays and events and trips booked, I thought sharing my gluten free tales and terrors would be eye-opening, educational and hopefully comical to the fellow GFers!

I hope that this blog and sharing my experiences will help someone else feel like they’re not totally alone in this big scary gluten free world! Happy reading! S xx