Sainsbury’s freshly baked bread!

Weyhey! Welcome to the first blog post and guess what it’s about bread!! 😍

So sainsburys have recently dropped their fresh gluten free bread line in many stores across the country, unsure if my little Kettering branch would be taking part I called ahead, she told me they were out of loaves already but would be sure to put them aside for me to collect!

My first notice- the price, a beautiful £1.50 for a pack of two rolls and £2,30 for a loaf! The cheapest bread I’ve seen since diagnosis. 2nd impression- how lovely the lady was and knowledgeable and chatty. 3rd impression the squidgy, soft, real feeling of the rolls even through the packaging, with excitement and loads with 4 packs I danced off down the aisles!

Popped in to see mum because you know with any new gluten free item that’s launched you have to tell your nearest and dearest, just as excited as me at the prospect of real tasting bread! So the bacon is cooking, spreading the most amazing aromas through the house, I cut two rolls in half, (two obviously to definately check the taste and texture 😜)  Spread my ketchup and added the bacon. Immediately I noticed the inside texture- not plasticky, not spongey just normal and smelt amazing. Can’t quite remember ever being SO excited to eat some rolls.

The taste- amazing. It brought back all the memories of normal bread rolls, normal bacon sandwich without the horrible repercussions of gluten. Literally my favourite thing, I am in love with this bread! Well done Sainsbury’s you’ve made not only little Sarah here happy, but probably the rest of the coeliac population! I shall return! S xximage



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